Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back to Seminario

I am by no means finished with birdies--I'm compelled to make the frigate magnificent, and you haven't even met the blue footed boobies yet-- but I promised you a drawing of a Seminario inspired jewelry piece.  I'm giving you my complete thought process, including two designs that I rejected.  One cause it was a section taken directly out of a Seminario sculpture (see Seminario post).  That, and, in my mind's eye--it doesn't work for jewelry.  The second was just a bad idea!


I didn't draw it this way, but I'm thinking dimensional--the bail piece, probably a half lentil.  The bottom piece I think will probably have to have some curve to it, too...I don't know quite how, yet!  I see coordinating earrings, too!  Looking at the pendant, again, the bottom piece bothers me...needs more work!  I'm thinking metal clay for these pieces.  Silver or maybe silver and copper together.  Right now I have a lot of white bronze on hand, so I'm going to start playing with that. 


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