Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm back...

In case anybody's missed me--I'm back from yet another adventure.  This time to Peru and Ecuador--Machupicchu, the Galapagos and much, much more.  What a surprising and exhausting trip.  I'd thought the islands would be a "day at the beach" and it was--along with many large rocks to climb.

I've been listening to my "fans" and hearing that you want more "travel" in my blog, so I'm getting ready to give you some.  That also takes some pressure off me  to produce so much jewelry every week!

I am thinking jewelry, though.  May skip Tanzania for now and jump right into South America.  I'm thinking lots of birds and glass!  I do have some work still to do on Egypt, though, especially my inlay piece which is due on Saturday and will, doubtfully, be finished!

Stay tuned...

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  1. We didn't get taken to the interesting sculpture in Lima. It is a great trip though, and besides all you see and experience, I loved the food on the boat the very best! (Grouper is always better than guinea matter how it's cooked!) It's hard to imagine the building skills of the Incas, isn't it? And just think, they think there are more site that just haven't been uncovered. Didn't you love the sound of the river in the town where you stay for Machu Piccu?