Friday, December 9, 2011

Well--I Blew It!

Well--tomorrow's the last day of class and I've given up--for the time being on finishing my Egyptian inlay.  I promise I'll finish the two Egyptian pieces that I've started.  The second one may have a glass focal.  I would like to retry the inlay, but have to get away from it for awhile.

I think I'll spend next week working in glass!

My first inspiration from the Peru trip was our visit to the home/studio of Pablo Seminario.  What a fascinating place!  We had the priviledge to meet the artist himself and he spoke about his work.  I'm thinking metal or, probably metal clay for this/these pieces.

Drawings will follow soon.

I'm thinking the feel of this piece, much smaller, in metal clay.  Pendants, earrings?  Maybe try out the new sterling silver clay.

I wish I had this piece of equipment.  Cards just don't cut it for rolling even thicknesses.  Granted, this roller would take a LOT of metal clay!

 The magnificent grounds and sculptures!

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  1. I enjoyed our visit to the studio where i bought a small souvenir pot. Seeing and hearing about the creative process first hand is always interesting and memorable but I think we were all about to fall asleep on our feet as he spoke.