Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm warning you--I could spend a LOT of time on Egypt.  I have always loved Egyptian art and my visit to Egypt almost a year ago was a dream come true for me.  I have some simpler Egyptian themed pieces completed, with some more complex pieces, hopefully to come.  My scarab necklace has proven to be more difficult than I'd first imagined.  I haven't even sketched it out yet, but will, today and post it to this blog so that you can get somewhat of an idea of where I'm trying to go with it.  One of my major problems with it is that I had planned to make one scarab of lapis colored glass--I've got that one covered--but I was also planning on scarabs of bronze and white bronze clays.  I made molds and have made a few hollow scarab forms of white bronze clay--which I love the idea of, but have had too many technichal difficulties with it to persue.  The main being that, even in a fired state it is very brittle.  Much more so than even glass.  The finish on it is unpredictable, too.  Sometimes it looks shiny and much like silver, sometimes whitish with a very interesting, but matte finish which I have used and liked in other projects and sometimes it looks very much like bronze clay.

So--I am going to forget about white bronze scarabs and use either bronze and, hopefully steel metal clays--the steel is still also iffy, or go back to actual metals.  I have recently learned of oval dapping forms which, if I can get in the size that I am thinking of, might change this project to actual metal--probably sterling silver and Nu-gold, which is a brass alloy that somewhat resembles gold.

The necklaces on the top of the page are part of my "Talk Like an Egyptian" series of names in heiroglyphics.  The black one reads "Anne", the yellow is "Jennifer" and the fuzzy green one reads "Shelly/Sherry".  I have two rings in the series too, which I can't find the photos of and are currently (or hopefully sold!) in the gallery.  If interested you can see them on my Goulash Designs Facebook page.

   .....more Egypt coming soon!                                                              

Thursday, September 22, 2011


As you can see from my last post, my "Hungary" series was based on an archway that was in the entry to a restaurant, where we dined after visiting a chateau in Czechoslovakia. My Medusa was from a church in Hungary--really! I'm not going to change the names of the pieces, but will update my descriptions. I'm including a lot of pictures with this:

1. Photo of actual arch 

2. Design drawings

3. Photos of original "Hungary" series--made of copper with a black patina. The wires joining the links of the chain are sterling silver. It didn't really add anything to the necklace but I made it in class with Suzan and she suggested that I wouldn't be able to ball up copper wire. Thinking back on it, it probably would've been easier than the sterling as I found the heat beading of the sterling hard to control.

4. Photo of "Hungary" ring in sterling silver, textured with patina


Oy Vey!!!!!

I was just going through my photos, looking for the archway that inspired my "Hungary" series, and found, based on dates and surrounding photos...that it's in Czechoslovakia!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Sorry! I guess My Medusa wasn't on here in a finished state! (See post of 11/19/2009--was it THAT long ago???) for her in a just fired state. I've been known to carry two part modeling compound on trips with me. I made a mold of a face on a door on a church in Hungary--the guide got a bit perturbed with me for holding up the bus! When I made my first bronze clay piece and took it out of that mold it looked like Medusa to me. Perhaps Sacriligious, but this is from someone who makes Christmas tree garlands of dogs and fire hydrants. I REALLY wish I would've taken the modeling compound with me to Egypt, but, if I had, I'd probably still be a small, cramped cell.

Next post--Hungary--major pieces!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Though one of our first trips, China wasn't the first trip to inspire jewelry. My earrings, "Tinkerbell & Chou" were inspired by some rather unusually dressed people that I just happened upon on our trip. Sorry--I can't find the original picture of "Tinkerbell". Her outfit was complete with a magic wand, which I took artist's license and removed for safety reasons! She was sitting on a wall, I believe outside of the Forbidden City in Beijing. "Chou" I saw walking away from a market in Shanghai. Isn't this the greatest suit you've ever seen? The earrings are made from copies of my photos, laminated onto copper sheet and sealed with epoxy. They are a minor project. for a major China piece I have decided to do something with a dragon, as I was born in the year of the dragon--some say it is fitting! Can't promise it soon, though!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Goulash Blog Reborn!

I've just returned from an amazing trip from Tanzania. While on the trip I had an AHA! moment. My blog hasn't been what I had imagined it to be and has died a slow death. While in Tanzania I decided to change it's direction and make it exclusively about jewelry pieces inspired by my travels. I will include thoughts, drawings--not necessarily good ones!--photos and parts of the journey of some pieces showing how they came to be. They will not be in chronological order of trips. For example--my mind's still in Egypt! I have a few minor pieces done and have a few more major--by my standards-- pieces to come. One, hopefully, will incorporate inlays, as I am taking another class with the unbelievable Suzan I will also not commit to a piece from every country visited--one trip incorporated 6 countries. I am committing--to myself and to my blog that I will spend at least 30 minutes each week working on travel inspired jewelry and posting to "Traveling with Goulash". Hope you enjoy the ride!

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