Thursday, September 22, 2011


As you can see from my last post, my "Hungary" series was based on an archway that was in the entry to a restaurant, where we dined after visiting a chateau in Czechoslovakia. My Medusa was from a church in Hungary--really! I'm not going to change the names of the pieces, but will update my descriptions. I'm including a lot of pictures with this:

1. Photo of actual arch 

2. Design drawings

3. Photos of original "Hungary" series--made of copper with a black patina. The wires joining the links of the chain are sterling silver. It didn't really add anything to the necklace but I made it in class with Suzan and she suggested that I wouldn't be able to ball up copper wire. Thinking back on it, it probably would've been easier than the sterling as I found the heat beading of the sterling hard to control.

4. Photo of "Hungary" ring in sterling silver, textured with patina


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