Monday, April 29, 2013

Those Trees....

OAT--the group that we do most of our travelling with is not known for staying in five star resorts.  Especially on a trip called "Real Affordable Costa Rica"  I wasn't expecting much when it came to our hotels.  We covered a lot of ground--6 hotels in 12 days.   Each one was nicer than the last.  One was actually an adult sleep away camp, cabins and all.  I wouldn't call it luxurious, but it was a beautiful camp.  More on that in a later post...

...Anyway, I was more than shocked when we pulled up at our second rainforest resort...and got off the bus at the Chachagua Rainforest Resort.  Both the rainforest and the resort are listed in the book, "1000 Places to See Before You Die".

Our OAT tour leaders keep surprising us and one afternoon our guide Erik, assisted by our driver put on a cooking class for us.  We had previously purchased ingredients at local markets.
And...the results of our efforts...

Yummy before dinner snack with a guanabana martini!  This was followed by a lovely sunset.  Photos are a bit fuzzy, but I had a few drinks in me!

Oh yes...and the lost photo...don't know if this one is the one that Photoshop ate or the second best one that I found later.  I am thinking of doing a small glass sculpture of trees, though I have to say my larger boro pieces have cracked.  I am going to attempt, perhaps with some work with a new boro friend...



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Trip of Firsts...

Costa Rica was definitely a trip of firsts.  My first time white water rafting--okay, so the waves were wimpy--I can still say that I did it!  The guide only had to grab me to prevent me from falling into the water once!  So...definitely a mild trip.  First time I saw Bob in a bathing suit--and there will be no pictures because he was upset with me for even mentioning it.  I still can't promise that I will refrain from posting a pic of him cooking though!

Did you know that OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) has the cure for fear of heights?*  I also managed to walk the 860-foot suspension bridge over the Rio Sarapiqui:


See...I'm even long as the bridge isn't bouncing.  I even glided over the trees on a zip line:

It really wasn't bad.  Can't say that it's something I'd want to do again, though.

*Machu Picchu

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holy Week in Costa Rica

Holy week in Costa Rica was a treat for the senses.  Our first full day in San Jose was Palm Sunday, so our first stop was church:  Crowds waving palm fronds and handing them out, and even a pageant:

I didn't think we got to see Jesus...but, is he the guy in the purple?  (Sorry!  I'm a Jewish girl!)

On Good Friday we rode by (an enactment...I hope!) of the crucifixion.  Didn't get a picture...but read about it in the news...

Every home had a crucifix in front of it.  During Holy Week, draped in purple, after Easter,     
draped in white.
Don't know what this was about...


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Costa Rica--Previews of coming attractions!

Costa Rica was definitely a trip of firsts:  my first white water rafting adventure--always wanted to do, first zipline--not so much!  First time I (and maybe the world!) have seen Bob in a bathing suit and (drumroll) the first time I saw Bob cook.  He'll never get away with that again.  I have pictures!

Other highlights included a visit to an organic farm with a very entertaining tour leader,  exquisite resorts--a shock, considering this trip was called "Real Affordable Costa Rica", playing in mud with the group...stay tuned.