Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Trip of Firsts...

Costa Rica was definitely a trip of firsts.  My first time white water rafting--okay, so the waves were wimpy--I can still say that I did it!  The guide only had to grab me to prevent me from falling into the water once!  So...definitely a mild trip.  First time I saw Bob in a bathing suit--and there will be no pictures because he was upset with me for even mentioning it.  I still can't promise that I will refrain from posting a pic of him cooking though!

Did you know that OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) has the cure for fear of heights?*  I also managed to walk the 860-foot suspension bridge over the Rio Sarapiqui:


See...I'm even long as the bridge isn't bouncing.  I even glided over the trees on a zip line:

It really wasn't bad.  Can't say that it's something I'd want to do again, though.

*Machu Picchu

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  1. I know about those bridges from my trip to Peru. Good for you for doing all those 'firsts'