Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holy Week in Costa Rica

Holy week in Costa Rica was a treat for the senses.  Our first full day in San Jose was Palm Sunday, so our first stop was church:  Crowds waving palm fronds and handing them out, and even a pageant:

I didn't think we got to see Jesus...but, is he the guy in the purple?  (Sorry!  I'm a Jewish girl!)

On Good Friday we rode by (an enactment...I hope!) of the crucifixion.  Didn't get a picture...but read about it in the news...

Every home had a crucifix in front of it.  During Holy Week, draped in purple, after Easter,     
draped in white.
Don't know what this was about...


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  1. Jesus is always dressed in white or off-white. On Palm Sunday, he was riding an ass. I'm guessing the baby is just stuck there.