Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back to Seminario

I am by no means finished with birdies--I'm compelled to make the frigate magnificent, and you haven't even met the blue footed boobies yet-- but I promised you a drawing of a Seminario inspired jewelry piece.  I'm giving you my complete thought process, including two designs that I rejected.  One cause it was a section taken directly out of a Seminario sculpture (see Seminario post).  That, and, in my mind's eye--it doesn't work for jewelry.  The second was just a bad idea!


I didn't draw it this way, but I'm thinking dimensional--the bail piece, probably a half lentil.  The bottom piece I think will probably have to have some curve to it, too...I don't know quite how, yet!  I see coordinating earrings, too!  Looking at the pendant, again, the bottom piece bothers me...needs more work!  I'm thinking metal clay for these pieces.  Silver or maybe silver and copper together.  Right now I have a lot of white bronze on hand, so I'm going to start playing with that. 


Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's My Blog...and I'll Jump If I Want To!

Yes, I'm jumping ahead again!  Today I want to make a frigate bird in glass.  These exquisite birds of the galapagos are a thrill to see in flight over the pacific.  My bead model is all puffed up in full mating ritual glory!  I'm starting with a flat bead.  If that goes well, I'll try in 3D!

This is the first time I've ever designed a glass bead on paper before I made it.  We'll see how it goes!

Resting on our ship!

                                         ...and my first frigate:  (I never promised realism)

                                 (it's flipped cause this side came out better--the other's not bad,  
                                    but it's missing the black on its body.)

                    Thank you to Jennifer Geldard,  for your great tutorial!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Well--I Blew It!

Well--tomorrow's the last day of class and I've given up--for the time being on finishing my Egyptian inlay.  I promise I'll finish the two Egyptian pieces that I've started.  The second one may have a glass focal.  I would like to retry the inlay, but have to get away from it for awhile.

I think I'll spend next week working in glass!

My first inspiration from the Peru trip was our visit to the home/studio of Pablo Seminario.  What a fascinating place!  We had the priviledge to meet the artist himself and he spoke about his work.  I'm thinking metal or, probably metal clay for this/these pieces.

Drawings will follow soon.

I'm thinking the feel of this piece, much smaller, in metal clay.  Pendants, earrings?  Maybe try out the new sterling silver clay.

I wish I had this piece of equipment.  Cards just don't cut it for rolling even thicknesses.  Granted, this roller would take a LOT of metal clay!

 The magnificent grounds and sculptures!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Park of Love

No visit to Lima would be complete without a visit to "The Park of Love".  The park is the home of a large, somewhat interesting, somewhat tacky sculpture of two lovers embraced.  The park is set on a cliff overlooking the Pacific.

I'm using my husband, Bob as a scale figure!

I''ve enlarged the view of the back pocket on the sculpture.  I found the monogram on the back pocket to be interesting....VD?

...and its magnificent surroundings:              

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm back...

In case anybody's missed me--I'm back from yet another adventure.  This time to Peru and Ecuador--Machupicchu, the Galapagos and much, much more.  What a surprising and exhausting trip.  I'd thought the islands would be a "day at the beach" and it was--along with many large rocks to climb.

I've been listening to my "fans" and hearing that you want more "travel" in my blog, so I'm getting ready to give you some.  That also takes some pressure off me  to produce so much jewelry every week!

I am thinking jewelry, though.  May skip Tanzania for now and jump right into South America.  I'm thinking lots of birds and glass!  I do have some work still to do on Egypt, though, especially my inlay piece which is due on Saturday and will, doubtfully, be finished!

Stay tuned...