Sunday, September 18, 2011


Though one of our first trips, China wasn't the first trip to inspire jewelry. My earrings, "Tinkerbell & Chou" were inspired by some rather unusually dressed people that I just happened upon on our trip. Sorry--I can't find the original picture of "Tinkerbell". Her outfit was complete with a magic wand, which I took artist's license and removed for safety reasons! She was sitting on a wall, I believe outside of the Forbidden City in Beijing. "Chou" I saw walking away from a market in Shanghai. Isn't this the greatest suit you've ever seen? The earrings are made from copies of my photos, laminated onto copper sheet and sealed with epoxy. They are a minor project. for a major China piece I have decided to do something with a dragon, as I was born in the year of the dragon--some say it is fitting! Can't promise it soon, though!

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