Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am in Paris!

I'm trying something a bit different this time.  I'm reporting live from Paris--though you won't see it til I get home.  I don't like to publish my whereabouts and I did not bring my card reader for pictures.  But--you will get more of Paris and somewhat less jewelry, which may pleae some of you.

We stayed in a very small hotel on this lovely street filled with fruit and flower markets and watched the real Paris stroll by!
We've actually covered quite a bit of ground, already.  Our first stop was La Tour Eiffel--just a short walk from our hotel.  From there we walked and walked and walked and walked to La Musee D'orsay,with a stop for lunch.  I dined like a Parisian on cheese and a cafe avec chocolat.  After having the coffee I realized that wine might've been better, but the coffee was much needed and wine would've definitely put me to sleep, as I'd, at that point missed most of two nights sleep.   And the coffee was topped with real whipped cream and chocolate.



 In the evening we went to see L'Arc de Triomphe and climbed the 280 steps to the top for a spectacular view of Paris!  Fortunately we took an elevator down!  I wanted to see it lit up but, unfortunately, at 9:30 Paris is still daylight and we weren't going to make it awake much longer!  So...that was day one in Paris!

Oh could I forget?  We were dining at a sidewalk cafe and a parade started, I'm assuming in our honor, because nobody could tell us what it was for!



  1. Looks like you had a great trip! I painted a watercolor of L'Arc de Triomphe. It is even one that I would hang on the wall!