Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Honfleur & Normandy

Did I tell you this already?  We got on our ship on Wednesday.  Yay!  No packing/unpacking until we get home now!  Honfleur is a charming little town on the Seine, across from Le Havre.  We spent the first evening and first full day just exploring.  Yesterday we spent an emotional day and evening exploring the battle grounds of D-day, Omaha Beach and the American war vererans' cemetery.  It rests, finally, after having been once moved on a beautiful stretch of land overlooking the "French" Channel. Its site is US soil--given to us by or purchased from? the French--(I really don't know for sure).  It's employees--French citizens-- are paid in U.S. dollars. 


On that note--do the French really hate the Americans?  According to our guides, absolutely not!  They love and are very grateful to the American people for coming to their aid during this time.  They adored General Eisenhower.  They hated Bush.  They like Obama.  They like to be greeted with a Bonjour and left with a Bon Soir--obligatory in France for all--but, afterwards they will gladly converse in English.  It is considered very rude to walk into a shop without a bonjour--even if you don't see anybody!  Don't even talk about our American table manners!

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