Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Those Trees...In Progress!

I am spending the week in Pittsburgh with the amazing Robert Mickelsen.  http://www.robertmickelsen.com/  .  This is only day two of class and already I've accomplished which was to me, last week, the impossible!  You remember my trees which I posted a few posts back.  First step is a simplified drawing:


That accomplished, I hit the torch and formed the trunks:


Next I make the shoots that come off the bottom of the trees and then I start to attach
them.  Note:  what you're now seeing as the top of the tree is actually the bottom!


Now the shoot system is almost finished.  The horizontal bars will come off as they're just for support.

Tomorrow:  the leaves.


  1. I am fascinated with your progress. Really nice work and yes, I love the trees. Your workshop looks like it was a great learning experience.

  2. Susan, This looks awesome!!!!! Can't wait to see it!!!