Monday, June 24, 2013

Goofing off Again!

I haven't made any glass in too I haven't been posting either.  Just started going through photos for my class next week with Robert Mickelsen

and memories and the urge to blog have returned, so...where did I leave off?  One of our most interesting stops--and definitely the most "interesting" of tour leaders was at the Don Juan Bautista organic farm.  Our guide there (I've forgotten his name!)  was definitely entertaining, a bit of a psychopath and definitely a "Don Juan"  himself!  We saw, smelled and tasted a variety of exotic fruits and vegys and learned, in a very entertaining way, how they're grown.  Most of which I probably don't remember!  I'm sharing some of my photos from there and maybe one or two taken by our tour guide, Erick!

Don't remember what this slimy looking fruit was called, but it separates apart like pomegranate seeds.  You eat both the outside and the inside.  I didn't taste smelled like ass!

I would only do this for chocolate...the cacao bean!


...and more cacao...

I think the ones on the right are the cacao blossoms!

The most fun to process...and to drink was the sugar cane juice...just like rolling metal!  Lot of work, though.

...and, of course we have bananas:
Those yellow blossoms are future bananas...and they grow upwards from there.


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  1. It's so good to travel and see how things grow and are processed. So many new things to learn.