Monday, January 30, 2012

Two Nameless Birds...and more on the frigate!

I never thought to bring this up, but this frigate is a male.  The females have a white belly.  Just in case you want to name him!  Back to the feet--which I had some trouble locating a picture of--and, again, thanks to Wikipedia for the information--they are pretty unnecesary, as these birds can stay in the air for more than a week.  Thanks, again to Betsy and Mark Blum, who graciously offered to allow me to post one of their photos on my blog.  Alas, I couldn't copy it from Facebook.  I hope you're priveledged enough to be one of their friends so that you can view the magnificent shot of a frigate in flight--from below.  Much better and more detailed than the one that I posted!

Well--here's my frigate--remember the plume on the head is my addition! pair of birdies!

Remember--they still need names.   And...due to the underwhelming response to my contests--if you REALLY want my frigate, besides a name, I'll need an essay (under 500 words, please!) telling me why you can't live without him and, either subscribe to my blog or become a fan of Goulash Designs on Facebook.

Email entries to my by Saturday, February 4.  If you chose to subscribe to my blog instead of, or addition to becoming a Facebook fan, mention that in your email.

And, remember--deadline for the Blue Footed Boobie's naming looms near--it's tomorrow!

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