Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm Heartbroken!

I was extremely excited yesterday.  I had a reasonable dimensional frigate and what I thought was a fab first try on a blue footed boobie in the kiln.  Waited patiently til this AM to look at them.  I removed the boobie from the mandrel--was wondering how to do that, cause I'd used a button mandrel, making it a two-holed figure--you'll see in the photos.  It came off the mandrel fine--and then it broke!  I had heard a crunch while it was in the flame, but thought that I'd reheated it enough and corrected the problem.  Sigh!  Here is the result...and, yes, it does have to stand against a wall.  I just stuck it on some thin wires to photograph to give you the idea.  I am thinking springs as I mentioned before and probably some kind of a base as this is more of a sculpture than a bead.  Maybe a piece of dark wood or rock, to mimic the rocky beaches of the Galapagos!

And, as you can see, I'm still having trouble arranging pictures on Blogger.  Any advice will be

Frigate pics to follow.  Have to make some wire feet and a headdress.  It's kind of goofy looking anyway and I started too low on the mandrel so it has a hole in its head.  I'm thinking of adding some kind of feather.  Guinea hen look interesting...but maybe too flashy!

Found some on the web that look interesting--remember, we're looking for the frigate, not the boobie!

What do you think?


  1. Adorable, Susan! I was wondering what a "boobie" was (in contrast to a booby or boo, I guess).

    1. Did ya look at my links on the last post? I'll have to try a red footed one, now, too!