Sunday, October 2, 2011

Still in Egypt

Continuing with my Scarab Necklace I am posting photos of--in order of the photos:

1.  First scarab mold carved from polymer clay.  I used this as a preliminary mold from which to make:

2.  Scarab mold out of bronze clay.  This will be used to stamp hot glass into a scarab.  A major design flaw of this stamp was making the handle out of the same bronze clay--which conducts heat--quickly!!  Ouch!!  Problem was solved by holding this with a clamp.  Fortunately, the handle that I put on this mold (not shown) was long enough to allow me to do this.

3.  Scarab flexible mold made from two part modelling compound, in which I molded the white bronze scarabs--one of which I will show in the fired state.  The other one I dropped and it broke into many pieces!  Hence, my consideration of switching to sheet metal.

4.  My surviving white bronze scarab.

My glass blobs have been, so far, not big enough to fill the mold and make the scarab in the size that I want.  I'll be back on the torch tomorrow and will try again!


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