Friday, October 21, 2011

OK--So I procrastinate! And--previews of coming attractions.

OK, now you're going to learn two, not so flattering things about me.

1.  I procrastinate.  Not that I haven't been working.  I'm working on my second lentil bead for class, so that I can finish it and get to my final project--my next Egyptian themed major piece.  I told you I may spend a lot of time in Egypt!  As far as progress on my scarab necklace--first, I have to decide if I'm happy with my glass scarab.  I will probably determine that after I get my oval dapping form and see how the size and shape is with the ovals on the block.  I promise that I will order that today!  Also--I bought a cheap rolling mill, so I'll roll my bezel for it tomorrow in class.  Even if I don't use the first glass scarab on the big piece--you may find a single scarab pendant in my Copious Shop!

I have a very rudimentary drawing of my Egyptian inlay piece, although the main, inlaid piece isn't designed yet, any further than it will probably be in a pyramid shape.  Maybe even dimensional.  It will be flanked by two hand painted glass beads--hopefully I'll be able to make those--decorated with lotus blossoms and, finally, will be finished up with faceted blue lapis beads--which I bought some time ago.

2.  The second thing I was going to confess--and I swear that I forgot what it was, until I saw this drawing--was that I have a shaky hand, which is my excuse for many shaky drawings to come!

Then, we're going to leave Egypt and head for Tanzania and a Maasai village, which is really a bit of a whacked out culture!  This also gives you a look at, perhaps, the neatest section in my studio--part of my Inspiration wall.

My version of this will be made of probably sterling silver wire, spaced with rectangular strips of sterling, which separate handmade glass beads strung on the wire.  I'm envisioning this all suspended from a chunky handmade chain. 

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