Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's My Blog...and I'll Post What I Want to...

Not yet leaving Spain...just taking a small detour to...Pittsburgh? Another class at the Pittsburgh Glass Center with the amazing Robert Mickelsen
and his assistant, the equally talented Lisa Demagall

I am thinking and working larger this time.  Thinking a hanging sculpture, app. 30 inches wide, 7 feet tall and 12-15 inches deep.  Multiple pieces.  Of course, I only got part of the first piece finished, and as it is taking a detour through New York and Pennsylvania before returning to me, I will probably start additional pieces before finishing the first one. And you all know how that goes for me...

My inspiration for the technique that I am using is a sculpture that I went to see in Grand Rapids last December...or was it a year ago last?

Anyway...the artist is the very talented Anna Skibska

Today I'm posting progressive views of my starting point for my sculpture.  It will grow from both top and bottom before it is finished.  I will make additional pieces and hang them (probably over the next several years!) and post pictures as they become available.

And mine...

First the basic framework and a bit of texture.

Next comes just a bit of color:

Then another layer and a bit of texture.  Now it's about three layers deep, but that could still change, too!


And, far as I got:


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  1. Susan, I like where this is going and will watch with interest as you build. Neat idea!