Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ay Macarena!

Last church--I promise!  Bob and I have been lucky to be in Catholic countries (See Holy Week in Costa Rica) during times of religious celebration.  We just happened to be in Seville during the Festival of the Macarena--yes the city and the celebration honoring (and inspiring the song!) the Virgin of Hope of Macarena, a wooden image of the Virgin Mary, depicting her grief and piety during holy week.  Of course...from what I gather there seems to always be a festival in her honor.


The feast of the image is celebrated in December of each year.  It seems that, in Spain, religious images are repeatedly venerated, this one on Dec. 20 in 1962, February, 1963 and again in May of 1964--when the image was moved to the Cathedral of Seville--which is what I assume they were celebrating when we were there.

She is known as the patroness of bullfighters, is always depicted with a tear dripping from her eye.  Images of Our Lady of Sorrows are often depicted in dark blue or black.  This one has never been depicted this way, except for during the funeral of the Matador El Gallo.

Thanks to Wikipedia for this information.

The town is also draped in beautiful shawls in her honor:



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