Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why I love Australia!

First off:  I don't want to offend anybody but, in many of the countries that we've visited it seems like all they build are churches.  I've seen  some magnificent ones, interiors and exteriors that are breathtaking, truly awe-inspiring.  As many as two or three a day on some trips, which was why, on day one of our trip to Australia, I was delighted to visit "The Old
Melbourne Gaol" (prison!).

It has housed some of Australia's most notorious criminals, such as Ned Kelly, played by Mick Jagger in the movie--bet you didn't know that!

It also displays death masks of all the prisoners who were executed there.  they were executed by hanging, then beheaded for study of the skull.  It was believed, at that time, that you could "read" heads, by feeling for dents and protrusions in the skull.  These variations in skull shape could predict personality types, including criminal behaviour.
The museum also prominently displays death masks of its executed prisoners.



Along with the discovery of  gold in 1851 came an influx of population and, with it an increase in crime.  It also housed up to twenty children at a time.  Infants and small children were allowed to stay with an incarcerated parent.  Some were imprisoned for their own protection.          

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  1. I can't wait to hear more. Australia is on our list of countries to visit...maybe next year! Keep the information coming!