Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Bird in the Bush...

After a third firing of my white bronze bird, I've given up on it and have reformed it in Metal Adventures Bronze metal clay.  It's drying to be put into the kiln.  I've made a new perch and branch for it--this time in copper I hope, from scraps that I recycled.  Having been previously recycled, I'm hoping that they come out.  If not, my birdie will not have a perch!  Pictures coming in a day or two.

And, on that note I am returning to France and our last day's visit to the Louvre. During the first week that we spent in France we ended up in front of the Louvre on a Tuesday when the museum is not open.  I remember asking myself then, why anybody would put a large glass pyramid in front of the Louvre.  It seemed so out of place to me.  After visiting it from the inside, though, I've changed my mind.  The view from there out is quite interesting.

My apologies to IM Pei.
We went to the Louvre on our own, because our tour group was visiting the Louvre in the afternoon and we wanted to spend more of the day there, as we had already seen a great deal of Paris.  We got there early and beat the crowds.  Walked in the front door and  had no lines.  We even got to see the Mona Lisa and many of the Louvre's other highlights without any difficulty.

We covered a lot of ground, but by no means all.  We couldn't even find the Oriental collection and ended our visit in the Egyptian section.  My first thought on that was, "I've been to Egypt--what can they possibly have that I haven't yet seen?"  Once I'd got there, though, I felt at home.  If I could be in love with any country or culture, that is it.  I hope that I get the chance to visit again, and that all that I have loved about the country and culture survives.

I've warned you that I'm open to visiting (in my blog) again--and again!


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