Thursday, May 31, 2012

Next stop...Paris!

Well, (again!)  I haven't done much bloggin'.  I've made some jewelry, not much.  Didn't yet even do my tribute to Seminario.  I have too much of a one track mind and already I'm Paris dreamin'.  Not too long from now--although it seems like it's been years since our last trip--we leave for Paris.  My wonderful hubby bought me three nights in Paris for my @!5$&th birthday a few months back.  After that, we join Grand Circle on a cruise from Paris to Normandy.

Besides all that Paris has to offer, some of the highlights of the trip, for me will be the cliffs of Entretat, immortalized by Courbet and Monet, the Benedictine Order Castel at Frecamp--no, I'm not religious--or into monks but this is where they make Benedictine liqueur.  If I remember correctly, the Belgian monks made one heck of a beer too.  Well, I guess they're allowed to drink...

We'll visit Giverny, where Monet lived most of his life and Vernon, where Van Gogh lived for three months from his release from the Asylum, until his suicide and where he created "Wheat Field With Crows" along with almost 80 other paintings.

We'll also spend some time on a river boat, where we'll have a lesson in French cooking and probably some great entertainment.

If I remember correctly, some of the GC  tour guides put on quite a production on board!

I'm sure I'll return with lots of ideas and be back in production soon!

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