Monday, February 27, 2012

Miss Tanzania, Recycled

Well, here she is...Miss Tanzania, made from a recycled beer bottle.  All dressed up and ready to party!  I played around with etching a bit.  This one is etched using a chemical that I bought for the process awhile ago.  I etched some of the smaller, accent beads with baking soda, while they were still in the flame and I think that I like that look better, as they look more "aged".  Interestingly, all the beads that I made yesterday were from an amber colored beer bottle.  The ones etched with baking soda look almost blue and this one looks black.  You'll see the others when I complete a necklace with them...hopefully in the next week or so.  She stands 2 inches tall and has a shallow crack in her forehead, but I think that adds to the antique look.  Hopefully the next one will have boobs.  What do you think?

52 earrings a year


  1. Can't wait to see the finished necklace. She is looking good!!

  2. Thanks Linda! I don't know if she'll be on it, or the next one cause I think I want to use the baking soda etch!