Thursday, November 19, 2009

My First Bronze Firing!

Fired my first bronze pieces yesterday. I think, rather successfully! (What do you think?) Fired at the long schedule, cause I wasn't sure if one piece was too thick for the regular firing, it was an all day affair. Couldn't make any glass beads, boo hoo! The colors in the bronze didn't come out, I think, as nice as my first ones did. I fired in coconut carbon--same as before. (The first ones, Deb fired for me.) What do you think of my Diva 3, and My Medusa--although she needs a minor repair. How about my evil eye! Don't know what I'm going to mount it on yet, but it's drilled for something.

Oh yeah, on the colors--not quite like the last ones, but, my photography needs work--they look fired in real life--but not in the pictures. And...I see that I have to clean up some charcoal chips!

til next time,


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