Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recipe from Montreal!

I suppose this recipe is fair game to publish, as it came from a wonderful pasta dish that I ate at a restaurant in Montreal. The name of the restaurant escapes me. The dish was simple--simple enough to write out a recipe, just from tasting and seeing. Easy to prepare, no exotic ingredients, delicious and beautiful to look at--and healthy!

Here goes:

Pasta salad with Pesto

(you're on your own for amounts and portion sizes!)

Toss pasta with pesto and mound warm pasta on a plate. Dice a mango and divide into four sections and place around the pasta. Halve two cherry tomatoes and place in the sections between the mangos. Slice up some sun-dried tomato--not in oil-- and sprinkle over top of pasta. Slice 1/2 an avacado and arrange decoratively over the top. Garnish with 4 kalamata olives and freshly grated parmesan cheese.


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